Janne Hellman new singer in Almost DEAD MEN

Uppsala, 2024-02-23 – Almost DEAD MEN, the renowned rock band known for their electrifying performances and gritty sound, is thrilled to announce the addition of Janne Hellman, also known as ”Heaven and Hellman,” as their new lead singer. With an impressive musical background spanning various genres and decades of experience, Janne brings a fresh energy and dynamic stage presence to the band.

Janne Hellman’s musical journey began at the age of 13 when he immersed himself in the world of punk and hard rock, citing Deep Purple’s “Fireball” as his first LP purchase. Over the years, Janne has showcased his versatility by playing multiple instruments in different bands with diverse musical orientations, including classic rock with Pretty Triggers, hard rock with Studfarm, reggae with Natural Way, kraut/punk with Rävjunk, and pop with Private Jets. Additionally, Janne has contributed as a studio musician and provided backing vocals on various albums and projects.

“I’m an omnivore when it comes to music, but I’m always drawn to classic dirty rock and punk, just like ADM delivers,” says Janne Hellman. “I hope to take over former singer Sören G Andersson’s role in the future. A real challenge to say the least.”

Almost DEAD MEN is excited to welcome Janne into the fold and is confident that his passion for rock music and extensive experience will elevate the band’s performances to new heights. His musical talent, dedication, and enthusiasm are undeniable. With Janne Hellman on vocals, fans can expect a thrilling and unforgettable live experience filled with raw energy and infectious melodies.

Almost DEAD MEN is currently gearing up for upcoming concerts and is set to release new music featuring Janne Hellman’s powerful vocals.

For media enquiries, interviews or booking information, please contact: almostdeadmen@gmail.com


Official Website: www.almostdeadmen.com

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