Almost DEAD MEN Welcomes Renowned Drummer David Simgren to the Lineup

Uppsala, 2023-08-28 – Almost DEAD MEN, the electrifying rock band known for their dynamic performances and original sound, is thrilled to announce the addition of seasoned drummer David Simgren to their lineup. With a career spanning over four decades, Simgren brings a wealth of experience and musical prowess to the group.

David Simgren’s impressive musical journey includes stints with various prominent bands and projects. Alongside his new role as the drummer for Almost DEAD MEN, Simgren also showcases his talent with the cover band Under Cover and takes the stage with the AC/DC tribute band As/DC, delivering unforgettable performances that pay homage to rock legends. Simgren’s versatility and dedication to his craft are evident as he continues to create and captivate audiences across different musical ventures.

Simgren’s rich background extends to his involvement with other notable acts such as Bootlegs, where his drumming skills were showcased in a range of cover songs. Moreover, he demonstrates his creative prowess as a musician by producing original material with bands Fusion and Mudbug, showcasing his diverse musical influences.

Commenting on his new role within Almost DEAD MEN, Simgren expressed his excitement: “As a member of Almost DEAD MEN, I look forward to creating and performing my own material again with the great rock feel, wonderful groove, and cool attitude that I think Almost DEAD MEN possesses.”

The addition of David Simgren to Almost DEAD MEN marks a new chapter in the band’s journey, promising fans an even more exhilarating musical experience. With his extensive background and passion for rock music, Simgren’s collaboration with the band is set to amplify their distinctive sound and stage presence.

Stay tuned for upcoming performances and releases from Almost DEAD MEN as they continue to deliver hard-hitting rock music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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About Almost DEAD MEN:

Almost DEAD MEN is a Uppsala, Sweden, based rock band renowned for their high-energy performances and unique and experimental blend of rock and contemporary pop music.

Started in the summer of 2017, Almost DEAD MEN have their roots in the prominent punk music scene in Uppsala. The members played in the late 1970s and early 1980s in legendary Swedish bands such as Rävjunk, N-Liners, The Sleep, The Stain and Gabba Heys.

Almost DEAD MEN play almost exclusively their own material published on the Swedish record label Open Mind Record and on their own company Bogus Records. The band has previously released two CD in EP format. The LP vinyl A Brilliant Future Wasted Growing Up is released on Open Mind Records

Comprising singer Sören G Andersson, guitarists Magnus Larsson and Tom Stenström and bassist Jan Sandred, the band has gained a dedicated following for their electrifying stage presence and memorable original compositions. With the recent addition of drummer David Simgren, who replaces former drummer Matts Bergkvist, Almost DEAD MEN are poised to take their music to new heights.

Photo: Johnny Andersson


Almost DEAD MEN Welcomes Renowned Drummer David Simgren to the Lineup

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